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I have two issues....

@tharros said in I have two issues....:

I have my Kapu on tec.kapu.one . I have set up my wallet and set up my wallet address on tec.kapu.one - what do I have to do to receive my Kapu? How do I contact @Kiashaan ?

Please help, thank you

Contact @kiashaan or @innorammara in Telegram: those are the links to their Telegram usernames.
Martino "kiashaan" Merola (Pre-Sale and KAPU TEC): @kiashaan
Paulo Minereddu (Bounties): @innorammara

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drusilla delegate - 92% PRIVATE sharing pool - safety and reliability for your investments -


daily shared is now increase to 92% the pool is now private and with controlled access, so pls contact us before voting.

Thanks for your time

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KAPU Node Installation with KAPUShell script

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