Dutchdelegate is proud to present their proposal for the Kapu network. Under guidance of Charles, Rudy and Rhmral a Dutchdelegate node will now run on the Kapu network. With the expertise gained from running a delegate on the Ark Ecosystem, we can ensure our voters the best quality. For the ones who don’t know us yet, all three of us live in the Netherlands and are graduate students at the Radboud University. Rudy and Rhmral both have a background in Information Sciences and Cyber Security. Charles specializes in Data Science and Bioinformatics.
Our Proposal
We are early Ark investors and big fan of the Ecosystem. Last few months we have been busy promoting Ark at meetups, deploying tools for the Ark community, organising our own Ark meetups as well as representing Ark at the Cambridge hackathon. Read more about what we do for the Ark Ecosystem on our Medium account https://medium.com/@Dutch_Delegate/. We now want to contribute our services to more DPOS ecosystems like the Kapu network. Besides our 85% payout to voters, we want to contribute more to the community by supporting the Kapu Community Faucet.
What does this entails?
“With the Kapu Community Faucet (KCF) voters will be able to enter their wallet address and sign up to the faucet. At the end of every month you will get a small amount of Kapu that you can retrieve from the faucet. The faucet rewards holders of Kapu, when you sign up the faucet detects the amount of Kapu in your wallet, if when you check back in a month it detects that the value of Kapu has not gone below the initial amount then it gives extra Kapu from the faucet to the wallet address, this bonus scales the longer you hold that initial amount of Kapu.”

To read our proposal for the Ark Ecosystem see this link: https://forum.ark.io/topic/388/dutchdelegate-95-payout-public-pool-community-contributors-promoting-ark

Technical aspects
A VPS provider with fully integrated automated backup nodes and rebuild scripts. Ensuring our stability and quality as a delegate.

Kind regards,
The DutchDelegate team
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