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    KAPU uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus in order to produce / confirm blocks (read ARK voting explained to learn more).

    You can use your KAPU to vote or un-vote a delegate. In this short guide we’ll show you how you can vote (cast a vote towards the delegate you choose — whether it is yourself or another community member you wish to support, like projects, pools, or a friend, or to un-vote a delegate you are already voting for in case you decide you want to change the vote to someone else. Voting with your KAPU can provide you with extra KAPU due to the forging rewards that are processed by delegates. Rewards are awarded to 51 top ranked active delegates.

    First if you haven’t, you will need to download and install the Kapu Desktop Client from here: https://github.com/kapucoin/kapu-desktop/releases, and then import and access the wallet you want to vote from.

    If you want to register a delegate yourself, you should follow this guide first :

    Some basic voting info :

    • 1 KAPU ADDRESS CAN VOTE FOR ONLY 1 DELEGATE AT A TIME (if you wish to vote for more than 1 delegate, split you wallet in more KAPU addresses and repeat the vote process — for example, send the amount you wish to vote from the second wallet to the second wallet.
    • 1 KAPU EQUALS A VOTING WEIGHT OF 1. The more ark you hold, the more weight you hold in your possession — but note that if you split the wallet your voting power splits with it. For example, if you have 1,000 KAPU your voting power is equal to 1,000 KAPU, if you split that in to 2 equal wallets each having 500 KAPU the voting power of the 1st wallet will be 500 KAPU and the 2nd one 500 KAPU.
    • EACH VOTE OR UN-VOTE COSTS 1 KAPU. When you vote for a delegate it costs 1 KAPU. When you un-vote, the cost is the same 1 KAPU.

    This guide is written for KAPU Desktop Wallet 1.5.0+ (https://github.com/kapucoin/kapu-desktop/releases) if you are using versions 1.4.3 or lower please watch this YouTube video on how to vote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftoGKaXdZy0

    Don’t know who to vote for or support with your KAPU?

    Read the proposals on our forum from our current list of delegates and vote according to your plan: https://forum.kapu.one/category/6/delegates-proposals

    1 Voting

    • Open KAPU Desktop Client
    • Click on the account you wish to cast vote from (note that each vote costs 1 KAPU and that the more KAPU you hold in that wallet the the bigger your voting power is). If you don’t have any yet in that list click on +IMPORT ACCOUNT and input your passphrase you are using for your KAPU wallet that holds your KAPU tokens.
    • Click on ‘VOTES’ tab.
    • Click on ‘VOTE’ button, modal will open.
    • A vote pop-up will appear — you have 2 options:
    • Click on ‘Active delegates(forging)’ and select a delegate you wish to vote for and 2nd field will populate with his name.
    • Manually write delegate name in ‘Delegate name’ field.
    • In the ‘Passphrase’ field input your passphrase for current ARK address you wish to vote from.
    • Once done click on ‘NEXT’ button.
    • Overview of your voting transaction — click on ‘SEND’ button to confirm your voting transaction and you are done congratulations!
      You will see a green banner in the lower left corner if transaction was successfully broadcasted over the network if there will be an error that banner will be red and info on what went wrong: eg. not enough KAPU, wrong passphrase, …).
      You will see this window after you are voting for a delegate with — ‘VOTE’ button becomes unavailable since you can only vote for 1 delegate at a time.

    2 Un-Voting (and/or changing a vote)

    • Open KAPU Desktop Client
    • Click on the account you wish to un-vote from (note that each vote costs 1 KAPU and that the more KAPU you hold in that wallet the the bigger your voting power).
    • Click on tab ‘VOTES’ — this will open voting list and who you are currently voting for.
    • Click on ‘UNVOTE’ button to open un-voting modal.

    Pop-up window will open:

    1. Input your current KAPU address ‘Passphrase’ in the field.
    2. Once done click on ‘NEXT’ button to continue.

    To confirm un-voting click on ‘SEND’ button to execute your transaction (note that it costs 1 KAPU to unvote).
    If successful a green banner in the lower left corner will be shown and list will again be empty.

    Voting list will become empty again like this:

    You are done! If you now want to vote again for someone else repeat steps from #1 Voting in this guide.

    Have any questions or need help?

    Join our live support on Slack: https://slack.kapu.one

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  • gsilvestri

    @liuay said in Get some Tʞ (testkapu) for test.:

    Hey everyone,

    I want to play with testkapu a little bit to see how it works. Can you give me some test coins please?

    My wallets:

    They both have Tʞ 0 as a balance, so I think I can't transfer coins from one wallet to another, can I?

    Hi LiuAy,
    KAPU TestNET does not exist anymore: now there is KAPU DevNET althouth it is still at the easly stage.

    To get a KAPU DevNET address proceed as follow:

    Indicate the address you did created and I will send you some DK to play with...

    Best regards.

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  • gsilvestri

    @mishraritz said in Updating wallet and sending coin:

    Hello, i have two issues. My wallet version is 1.2.2 . Tell me how i can update my wallet without loosing my money?
    I tried to download KAPU wallet in other PC (new version) then i tried to import my account by using PASSPHRASE but when i enter my passphrase i saw NEW ADDRESS in new WALLET, i should get my old address and amount too after importing to any wallet?

    Also when i tried to send any amount of coin from my old wallet to livecoin exchange address i see this error: Error: The destination address KPBQgfukKkuna7HwTNDLVgioYyjGe32MtG is erroneous

    Please ignore my english and help me

    Hi Mishararitz,
    KAPU desktop 1.2.2 was configured to work with the KAPU TestNET which doesn't exist anymore: you need to have been sended the equivalent KAPUs you had in TestNET to the current MainNET.

    Please contact @kiashaan in Telegram and indicate him your TestNET address, TestNET amount and when you bought the KAPUs form him last May 2017...

    He will send you the equivalent KAPU MainNET amount in the KAPU 1.5.0 wallet.

    @kiashaan Telegram account: @kiashaan

    For any problem feel free to ask.

    Best regards.

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  • gsilvestri

    @tharros said in I have two issues....:

    I have my Kapu on tec.kapu.one . I have set up my wallet and set up my wallet address on tec.kapu.one - what do I have to do to receive my Kapu? How do I contact @Kiashaan ?

    Please help, thank you

    Contact @kiashaan or @innorammara in Telegram: those are the links to their Telegram usernames.
    Martino "kiashaan" Merola (Pre-Sale and KAPU TEC): @kiashaan
    Paulo Minereddu (Bounties): @innorammara

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    NodeBB forums have a built-in reputation system: to upvode / downvote a post you like / dislike click in the bottom-left corner the upper arrow / down arrow.

    0_1509804176552_Screenshot from 2017-11-04 15-02-43.png

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